Bodybuilding is a science

Bodybuilding is a science

Many people think that bodybuilding has nothing to do with science. They believe that in order to get the body of their dreams, you just have to go to the gym regularly and do something there. I am sure that nothing is further from the truth, and here’s why:

Strength training is not easy

Of course, at any time you can come to the gym and do there, whatever (well, except for dancing naked, this is certainly not welcomed by the instructors). And if the end result interests you to the extent that – because then, of course, you can do just that. But what if you have a specific goal and specific deadlines for its implementation?

And I will say that. First you have to figure out which exercises your muscles respond to better, which exercises better tolerate your joints, which schedule of workouts can provide your body with full growth. Having dealt with the exercises, we proceed to the intensity … It will be necessary empirically to find out how many approaches for how many repetitions you need to do for each exercise, so as not to overload the muscles, but give them a decent load. You must be prepared for the fact that you will have to work through I cannot, doing additional repetition in the case when, as you think, your muscles are simply unable to continue working.


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You need to know which exercises load a certain muscle group, how much time you need to rest between sets, how much time must pass between workouts in general, and workouts of certain muscle groups in particular. Perfect balance must be maintained to avoid overtraining on the one hand, and insufficient load on the other. I am already silent about the fact that there are different techniques, such as supersets, drops, pyramids, and much more. A real bodybuilder should know this all, know how a particular technique works in his particular case, understand what lies at the very foundation of bodybuilding. Well, that sounds simple enough, right? And this is just the beginning.


Anyone who thinks that there is nothing difficult in the diet has probably never tried to sit on it before. It seems to me that this is one of the most difficult components of bodybuilding. That it is the difference between the real bodybuilder and the usual frequenter of the gym. If you have the ability to resist junk food, fast food, convince yourself of the need to consume all sorts of useful products (and often in quantities that seem unimaginable at first glance), then there is already something to talk about seriously. Diet – this in itself is not easy. The diet for bodybuilders is a hundred times harder.

Do you want your muscles to grow? It means that you will have to eat even when you do not feel hunger, you just need it. And in general, forget about such a thing as skipping breakfast – even if your body hardly cracks a cup of coffee in the morning. Even if you have to commit violence against him, it is still necessary to have breakfast. And it will be better if you have breakfast twice. In addition, bodybuilding is a constant consumption of protein food, which is often very expensive for everything. Do not forget, of course, about the protein shake after exercise, carefully consider the amount of carbohydrates consumed.


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Do you want to lose weight and build muscle? Get ready for the fact that it will be difficult and sometimes confusing. First, in the morning, do a workout on cardiovascular machines right away – before breakfast, until the shower, before everything. And yes, I remember that in the morning you need to eat a lot. But this is for those who are gaining weight, those who are going to say goodbye to excess fat should play by completely different rules. Oh yeah, do not forget about slowly digesting protein before bedtime. By the way, a protein shake is not an option here, as it is absorbed very, very quickly and will not give you all that is needed for the night. So bodybuilding is a very simple thing, we all remember that.

Nutritional supplements

Of course, on the one hand, nutritional supplements are not a requirement, but on the other – how quickly do you need a result? Nutritional supplements are a reliable foundation on which everything is built much faster and more productively. However, because of the endless disputes around them, because of the countless names, any average person falls into a stupor, not understanding what exactly to take, and what result will it give? One position, thank God, was won back, everyone agrees on the absolute need to drink protein – at least a cocktail after a workout is included in the mandatory program. What about the rest of the variety of products on the market?

Even if we talk about the same classic protein – which brand to prefer? Which of them will be able to give the fastest possible result? Is Creatine, Glutamine, Gainer and Other Supplements Needed? When and how best to take this or that supplement?

People who come to bodybuilding, necessarily go through each of these issues. It is often not easy to find the answers that will work in your case, it may take years to find them. And all this is part of the science of bodybuilding.


In achieving bodybuilding success there are other factors that play a decisive role. It is important, for example, to pay a proper amount of attention to such a seemingly secondary element, like a dream. Do not even hope to show decent results in the hall, after a party with friends, which lasted long after midnight. And not only in this case – for adequate muscle growth just need to sleep eight hours a day.

Overtraining can be a big problem, especially if you are new to the gym. Someone is trying to load his arms two or three times a week, forgetting that the muscles need to recover sometime, and that once a week is enough for a specific muscle group. In general, everyone practices according to his method, and sometimes the most different ways of training bring success – it all depends on the individual characteristics of the athlete. Another thing is that a successful bodybuilder immediately seeks to convey to everyone his only true tactics, bringing confusion into the confused heads of newbies.

Many, for example, believe that too many approaches are a direct way to overtraining, even if after that you give your muscles a week to recover. I personally think that it is necessary to load muscles once a week, but to load them to the point of exhaustion, and many different exercises with a lot of approaches in my case work as well as possible. However, I am not ready to say that this system will work for you too.


Drinking is the way to muscle breakdown. Someone argues that once a week you can bang a bit, there will be no harm from this, but this is not true. Drinking reduces testosterone levels (and for quite a long time) and increases estrogen production. The fact that do not need the peasants working in the hall. In addition, drinking water removes water from the body, which has a very negative effect on the muscles. Well, let’s not forget about slowing down the synthesis of protein, hangover … Honestly, I don’t see why to drink, knowing that it has such an effect on your body.




In fact, bodybuilding is how you work on yourself. If you go to the gym from time to time, patrolling between exercise machines, eat whatever you like, hang out with your friends until the morning, spending time drinking, for God’s sake. Just don’t say bodybuilding is easy because you really have no idea what it is. Bodybuilding is honest, you get what you invest. If you sleep, eat and study, you will see the result. Of course, to find the right formula for your growth, you will have to work hard; in any science, the right formula is a fundamental thing.